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Dear valued Clients and Friends:
Thank you so much for your continued kind remarks and feedbacks regarding our "The Rug of the Month" messages. With great pleasure, I present to you our new "The Rug of the Month" for August.
QAZVIN (Persia) – Circa 1920s
11’ 8”  X  20’ 9”

If the term “Nomadic Rug” evokes images of care-free and charming composition of designs and colors, conversely, this exquisite Qazvin rug extols opulence and prestige.
Qazvin is situated in the northwest of the capital city of Tehran. During the Safavid dynasty, Shah Tahmasp made Qazvin the capital of the Persian Empire (1548), after the fall of Tabriz to the Ottomans. Of interest to us, that was the period when Qazvin also gained prominence as a major carpet-producing region through the encouragement of Shah Tahmasp.
Qazvin is also situated between Tabriz and Kashan. Therefore, it is natural to see the influence of both regions in designs and color schemes on Qazvin rugs. This is an exceptionally well-executed example of that concept. The intricate floral medallion and the cluster of floral designs in the four corners, as well as the combination of colors – especially burgundy and navy blue – are characteristics of Kashan rugs. The rest of the main burgundy ground is almost entirely covered by small precise floral designs, many of which form larger symmetrically-placed complex patterns that provide balance and harmony to the overall feel. Those repetitive small and intricate patterns, along with the ivory floral decorations on the navy-blue primary border and the red secondary borders are attributes of Kashan rugs.
We can discover numerous characteristics of this work of art to be mesmerized; however, I would suggest that you concentrate your attention to the ribbon of patterns surrounding the four edges of the main field. Although it is not a border, it gives the illusion of one. The use of celadon green makes it even more desirable. Further examination reveals that this precisely executed intricate ribbon of floral designs helps provide a magical balance and an artful elegance to the entire composition. Also, it provides a testament to the fact that this rug was produced by a small team of highly skilful artisans through their unwavering toil and commitment to excellence.
This Qazvin rug, which encapsulates the elements of the Tabriz and Kashan rugs and makes them its own with distinct artistic execution, is an exceptional piece of art to own for anyone who has the room to accommodate it – from a tastefully decorated home or office to a mansion or a museum.
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