Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Dear valued Clients and Friends:

Thank you so much for your exhilaratingly kind remarks and feedbacks regarding our "The Rug of the Month" messages. With great pleasure, I present to you our new "The Rug of the Month" for July. Enjoy!


4’ 1” X 4’ 6”

The Tekkes were the most important rug producers of the Turkmen tribes in the nineteenth century, when they inhabited in the region between the Caspian Sea and the Amu Darya River in Turkmenistan.

This is an exceptionally fine example of an antique Tekke rug. Despite its age, circa 1890s, the condition of this rug is superb. It is intact even with its original flat woven two ends.

The repeated typical Tekke gul design—the polygonal combination of curvilinear and geometric patterns that is also known as the generic Boukhara pattern—decorates the abrashed madder-red main field.

The most captivating characteristic of this rug is the harmony created by the combination of exquisitely intricate patterns in deep colors that decorate the primary border. Those consist of octagons with eight-pointed stars, latch hooks, combs, trees, and branches in dark red, brown, ivory, dark blue, pink, and plumb. The inner and outer secondary borders are decorated with continuous stylized yurt (tent) design in alternating colors and with two rows of small diamonds in ivory.

In addition to the primary and secondary borders, the two ends of the rug are decorated with clusters of diagonally placed serrated diamonds. Instead of being repetitious and boring, the alternate use and skillful placement of every color in the rug significantly enhance the overall charm of this artwork.

The uniquely artistic combination of designs and colors, the warmth of the finest wool with saturated natural dyes, the age and the excellent condition of this rug elevate it to the level of a rare gem for any tribal- or nomadic-rug rug collector.

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