Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hayko News - Shnorhali concert

Dear Friends,

With great excitement I wish to let you know about an upcoming event that I will participate in. I am most certain that you probably don`t know how multi-talented I am. Along with selling, restoring and cleaning antique rugs, believe it or not, I can also SING.

I am a member of a chorale group called `Shnorhali`. The `Shnorhali` chorale group has 40 singers including myself. Since April of this year we have been intensely practicing for our grand debut. On Sunday, December 12th, at 5:00 pm please come to Landmark on Main Street Jeanne Rimsky Theater, 232 Main Street, Port Washington, NY 11050 and see the amazing production of the Shnorhali choral group and friends presenting the ``Night of the Armenian Classical Music``.

The program will include the amazing works of two truly great Armenian composers Komitas (1869-1935), the founder of the Armenian classical music, and Aram Khachaturian (1903-1978), one of the most original contemporary composer of the 20th century music. I will be singing in the line with the Basses. If you can`t believe that I am a Bass, come and see how deep my voice is when I sing.

I hope you can make it to my concert. I will feel very honored and grateful seeing you there. I will most certainly apply discount towards any services or purchases you make in the future for the amount of the purchased tickets.

For ticket information and directions please e-mail me at info@hayko.com or call me at (212) 717-5400. Ticket prices are $25 or $30. Can`t wait to see you there!



Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Thanksgiving Message

As Thanksgiving is just around the corner, most people can`t wait for Black Friday sales. Shoppers do their best to get up at 5:00 am in the morning and rush to stores to get great deals. You see, I can`t wait to tell you that at Hayko Fine Rug and Tapestries we don`t ask our customers to go to that extreme. We want you to get your good night rest and then come to our store for your holiday shopping. We have great collections of antique rugs and antique decorative carpets, kilims and collectible Caucasian rugs, tribal rugs and runners, pillows and footstools. We have them in different sizes, colors, and each one has its own story.

Here is a thought! Would you consider getting an antique rug or kilim for your wonderful daughter-in-law? It will keep her feet warm when she walks barefoot. How about such a piece for your own bedroom? You can certainly make your grandchild happy who always plays with toys on the cold floor. Whether your gift goes to your daughter-in-law, your grandchild, or even to yourself, it will always be treasured for many years to come.

Don`t forget, that Hayko Fine Rugs and Tapestries also offers top-quality cleaning and restoration services. You can rely on our staff of master craftspeople for impeccable restorations of the finest antique carpets no matter how old or faded it may be.

This Thanksgiving I thank every one of you for your patronage. I wish you and your family to have a bountiful Thanksgiving, and a joyous holiday season.


Hayk Oltaci

Founder & Master Craftsperson

HAYKO Fine Rugs and Tapestries

857 Lexington Avenue at 65th Street, 2nd Fl.

New York, NY 10065

Tel: (212) 717-5400 | Fax: (212) 717-1122



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Saturday, November 13, 2010







Music director, Conductor and Pianist

Landmark on Main Street Jeanne Rimsky Theater
232 Main Street, Port Washington, NY 11050

TICKETS $25 - $30


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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gomidas Vartabet Evening

Gomidas Vardapet ("Կոմիտաս Վարդապետ" in Armenian)

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This year, October 22nd commemorates the 75th death anniversary of Gomidas Vardaped. We call him the genius of Armenian music; teacher and a composer of sacred and folk music. In all of the Armenian history there is no other cultural figure that would be the image to which almost all the poets of the 20th century turned. Poets of all styles and directions wrote about Komitas throughout the century. On the evening of November 19th our cultural meetup group will get together to remember and honor Gomidas Vartabed through the words of famous Armenian poets and composers.

Julietta Galstian, teacher of the Armenian language and literature, will present to us in Armenian the poems and songs of Gomidas Vardaped. With her amazing talent she will help us live through Vardaped’s life and time. We welcome and encourage other members to participate along with Ms. Galstian. If you wish to share Vardaped’s biography, his life story, poems or songs we would love to hear it no matter in what language it will be.

The admission to this even is free of charge, but there will be a small jar for your small donation.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Daylight saving time change

Hello my loyal customers,

I just wanted to make sure that you did not forget the saying ``Fall Back`` and

that you reset your clocks one hour back this

Sunday morning from 1:59 am to 1:00 am.

I also want to warn you that every year on this day, at Hayko Fine Rugs and

Tapestries, we trick ourselves. If you ask how, allow me to explain.

You see, we pretend that Saturday, November 6th is Sunday and we reset our

clocks an hour back on Saturday and not on Sunday. As Saturdays are always

profitable than Sundays, then why not work an hour more on November 6th .

You see, it doesn`t matter for Hayko Fine Rugs and Tapestries whether we ``Fall

Back or Spring Ahead``. My experienced staff and I will be working overtime this

Saturday, November 6th, to keep our customers happy.

As you know we specialize in restoring and cleaning the finest antique carpets

and rugs. We also have a great collection of antique rugs and antique decorative

carpets, kilims, collectible Caucasian rugs, tribal rugs and runners. We hope that

you will visit us at our shop to see the new additions to my nice collection of

beautiful rugs and pillows.

As my friendly e-mail comes to the end, I would like to thank you once again for

your patronage and support. Please call me at (212) 717-5400 or e-mail me at

info@hayko.com when you think of re-designing your living quarters. I hope

to hear from you soon and looking forward seeing you here in my shop.


Hayk Oltaci
Founder & Master Craftsperson