Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gomidas Vartabet Evening

Gomidas Vardapet ("Կոմիտաս Վարդապետ" in Armenian)



This year, October 22nd commemorates the 75th death anniversary of Gomidas Vardaped. We call him the genius of Armenian music; teacher and a composer of sacred and folk music. In all of the Armenian history there is no other cultural figure that would be the image to which almost all the poets of the 20th century turned. Poets of all styles and directions wrote about Komitas throughout the century. On the evening of November 19th our cultural meetup group will get together to remember and honor Gomidas Vartabed through the words of famous Armenian poets and composers.

Julietta Galstian, teacher of the Armenian language and literature, will present to us in Armenian the poems and songs of Gomidas Vardaped. With her amazing talent she will help us live through Vardaped’s life and time. We welcome and encourage other members to participate along with Ms. Galstian. If you wish to share Vardaped’s biography, his life story, poems or songs we would love to hear it no matter in what language it will be.

The admission to this even is free of charge, but there will be a small jar for your small donation.

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