Saturday, October 1, 2016


Dear valued Clients and Friends:

Thank you so much for your continued kind remarks regarding our "The Rug of the Month" messages. With great pleasure, we present to you our new "The Rug of the Month" for October.


4’4” x 6’3”

This Armenian antique rug—which is commonly known as Eagle Kazak, Sunburst Kazak, and Chelaberd Kazak—was woven in the Karabagh region of the Caucasus, circa 1870s. In addition to the typical madder-red main field, animal patterns, and the use of the green color, many examples of the same type of “Kazak” rugs with Armenian inscriptions have been surfaced in the last decades. To avoid confusion among scholars, connoisseurs, and dealers, it would be helpful to clarify that these antique “Kazak” rugs were created by Armenian weavers at the town of Chelaberd in the Karabagh region.

The madder-red main field of this rug is decorated with two eagle-design medallions, which are asymmetrically surrounded by rosettes, stars, and animals. The primary repeated crab-patterned border on an ivory ground is intentionally narrow to amplify the fundamental intricacies of the two huge eagle patterns. Moreover, dark blue and black reciprocating dog's-teeth pattern on the secondary borders help give the combined borders the impression of a picture frame; thus, further focusing our attention to the main field.

What makes this particular rug attractive to the collectors is that it represents the earlier years when those rugs were woven with these basic Eagle or Starburst designs. During the ensuing decades, the designs became more intricate with the addition of a large dragon pattern, either at the one end, or at the both ends of the main field next to the eagle pattern.

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