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Hayko's Angie's List Review Date: April 12, 2014

Review Date: April 12, 2014

Oriental Rug Cleaning
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April 12, 2014
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Hayko cleaned, repaired and restored three old Persian carpets.
Member Comments: 
  This job went fantastically from beginning to end.  We were aware that these three rugs were old and probably valuable but had not paid them proper attention for years.  A dog chewed the edges; we never cleaned them and kept them folded for years.  When our basement flooded, they were in a room which got water though they themselves did not get wet.  We took their "escape" as a sign that we should give them the attention they deserved.  After reading reviews on the List, I called Hayko.  We made an appointment for him to give us his opinion on the rugs and an estimate.  He couldn't make the appointment, but called and apologized and rescheduled.  When he came, he told us all about the history of the rugs, explained the design,  told us what they needed, and gave us a quote which was reasonable.  He also told us when they would probably be ready.  We gave him a down payment and he took the rugs away.  A little less than a month later, the rugs were ready.  Hayko brought them over, spread them out--and, to cut to the chase,  they are  GORGEOUS.  The dog damage was repaired and the colors blew us away.  Hayko told us, however, that one of the rugs was, despite two washings, still had dust inside, and that we should get it cleaned again in about six months to a year.  We are thrilled with the way the job turned out!

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