Friday, March 11, 2011

Good News for You from Hayko Fine Rugs and Tapestries

Dear valued customers and friends,

Great news! We have moved to a new location near you -- your home. To give you even more personalized and convenient service, we have converted to a 100% concierge carpet service.

This means that for any cleaning and repairs you may need, you just give us a call. We will pick up at your home and then deliver to you when it`s ready.

When you`re ready to buy a new carpet, we will bring samples to your home, and you can see how they work with your decor.

Of course, if we currently have your rug in our possession for cleaning or restoration, it will be returned to you upon its completion as promised.

Our phone number stays the same, (212) 717-5400.

But the service is now even better.

Thank you for your patronage.



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