Monday, August 3, 2009

JUST ADDED TO our Summer sale!

Dear Followers -

We have recently put together a beautiful collection of Persian Gabbeh rugs which are available to you now at Hayko.

These pieces are wonderful folk art for use in your home or office.We have a variety of patterns and colors - some colorful and whimsical, some sparse and using undyed wool in brown and ivory.

#873 2'2"" x 4'7" Camels

Gabbeh translates to "long-pile" rug. The people who wove these rugs are from the sub-groups of the Lori and Quasquai tribes in Iran. They are nomadic and use horizontal looms crudely- fashioned and might have literally picked- up "stakes" during the weaving, then resettled to finish the weaving. This can explain the charming irregularities you may encounter in some of the pieces! The rugs are easy to weave and would allow women to make a living while staying close to their families.

gabbeh detail
# 866 detail

The pieces we have selected pre-date 1960.They are less commercial than the modern production of today. Traditionally,the sizes are of a small format, not large room-sized carpets. We have a range of sizes up to 5' x 8'.Traditionally, these rugs were made to be used by the people who wove them with little thought of a western market. Today, these rugs work beautifully in a modern or traditional setting and are sought after by decorators.

gabbeh dimonds
# 874 4'3" x6'11" Diamonds

gabbeh natural ground
#861 4'11" x 7'7"" natural

Gabbeh open
# 866 2.4 x 4.11 Open field Gabbeh

Gabbeh detail natural
detail natural

Gabbeh tree of life
#863 3.9 X 6.1 Tree of Life

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