Thursday, June 11, 2009

A special concert to honor Hayko and to show off his carpets!

Hayko's beautiful store has hosted many wonderful music performances and events over the past three years (complete with Hayko's famous coffees and teas!).

Now, EIGHT of the musicians who've played at Hayko's are putting on a special concert to tell everyone about the store and its beautiful rugs.


This large event is designed to increase Hayko's profile, get the word out about his carpets, and get some media attention for his store in the process.


*Each person who attends shall also be entered into a drawing to win an authentic antique Turkish Carpet from Hayko's, valued near $1,000.00!


The musicians on the bill have all played during the Intimate Nights of Music series at Hayko's store, and are now returning the favor by donating their talents for this intimate night of living room-style music... in other words, candle-lit and unplugged!

  • Jessica Lee - amazing vocalist w/ 5-piece pop band
  • Noe Venable - hypnotic vocalist and instrumentalist
  • Jason Vitelli - bluesy multi-instrumentalist
  • Rich Casella - the guitar wizard
  • Bobby Kane - alternative soul
  • Kitch - stunning male/female duo
  • Phil Robinson - singer/songwriter w/harmonica
  • JJ Bang - Korean pop star
  • Katie Letts - 5-piece southern/blues band

Noe venable


REFER someone to Hayko's and EARN a 5% COMMISSION!

Any referral which leads to the sale of a carpet earns a 5% commission. With carpet prices ranging from $500.00 to $20,000.00, a 5% commission can be QUITE A LOT of money!


The META Center (which holds 135 people) is committed to the arts and creativity scene in NY and has DONATED the use of their large and luxurious space to help us honor Hayko's!! For this evening, the center will be decorated with Hayko's carpets and lit by candle for the night of the performance.

An Intimate Night-- The META Center requests that people take off their shoes upon entering their main floor space where our event will be held.

Subway Directions:
4 Blocks Directly South from PENN STATION


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If you come to one event this year, please make it this one !!

(And bring as many of your friends as you can-- we're aiming for a turnout of 120 people!)


Hayko, you've blessed our lives by hosting countless inspiring nights of warm community and creativity at your unique and special venue (not to mention your complimentary Turkish Tea at every event!)...

Of course we'll all be there for this special concert in your honor!

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